Who we are?

We are a generalist firm , dedicated to finding suitable executives to management positions and managerial level within national and multinational organizations for positions in all areas. And Patricia Smith , founder of the firm , is a disciple of one of the most prestigious pioneers of executive recruitment in Mexico.

  • Why our firm?
    Because we are an independent firm, we do not sacrifice quality for quantity. We are a boutique who take especially care of the personalized nature of our attention signature.
  • Our mission
    Combine the needs of the enterprises, with the attributes, talents, abilities and interests of the person, so that their working relationship is satisfactory, efficient and productive for both at long term.
  • Our values
    Confidence. What we offer is confident not candidates.
    Confidentiality. We maintain strict discretion with the data provided by ours customers.
    Professionalism. We honor our commitment to the search according to the customer needs.

What our business partners say

  • Smith Ogarrio has been a great business partner for us, they have always helped us to get the right staff to our organization.

    Alberto Martínez de Arredondo - Aptus Legal Systems